Hertsmere Living

Hart Homes is a joint venture between Clarendon Living and Watford Borough Council, which offers a pioneering approach to addressing housing need.

In 2022, we agreed to form a new joint venture with Hertsmere Borough Council.

The plans mean that a number of social and affordable homes currently under construction will be transferred to the joint venture company on completion, and that the council will permanently retain nomination rights over those properties, ensuring that they go to those most in need.

Utilising Watford Community Housing’s expertise in developing affordable housing, the partnership also aims to ensure that more affordable homes are delivered at other potential sites across the borough.

Home ownership or private rental is out of reach for a significant proportion of the borough’s residents. According to September 2020 data from the Local Housing Need Assessment, Hertsmere households must earn at least £67,000 to afford to buy a property and £34,400 to rent privately. However, the lower quartile income level for Hertsmere’s population is just £25,300.

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